PCF : Quick Edit Form

Hello everyone, Today, I'm really pleased to announce my latest PCF control. You know the Quick View Form which are used to display data from a related lookup, but unfortunately, you can't handle the rendering and it's only a read-only rendering. Those limitations are now OVER ! What is the Quick »

Unit test Azure Service Bus routing

MockServiceBus Supporting & maintaining Azure Service Bus routing rules could be tricky to design without regressions and unexpected behaviors. MockServiceBus with help of TSQL.Parser provides solution to unit test your subscriptions routing. Install-Package MockServiceBus Basic example A brokered message with custom property flag=1 to be correctly transfered for »

Canvas apps and Offline tips and tricks

Hello everyone, Let's talk about quite complex/surprising subjects around Canvas apps. The main one will be around offline management in canvas apps, for a client we have a requirement to manage offline capabilities on our latest PowerApps Canvas application. But I will talk about other things which are good »

Test json files & schema within Microsoft devops build pipeline

We use several pure json file git repositories in devops for storing & tracking configuration. Some of these files are directly used by underlying systems (not critical mission tools, but still painful when failing) by web services querying git json files through devops API Beside taking care of what we »