Resize and host glideapps pictures into Google Drive

disclaimer : storing pictures on external hosting might not scale. Depending on your usage. 2021-nov-16 update : updated with data flushing preventing parallel execution creating duplicates. Glideapps is really a convenient tool which I use for numerous personal usages: it uses google »

Unit test Azure Service Bus routing

MockServiceBus Supporting & maintaining Azure Service Bus routing rules could be tricky to design without regressions and unexpected behaviors. MockServiceBus with help of TSQL.Parser provides solution to unit test your subscriptions routing. Install-Package MockServiceBus Basic example A brokered message with custom property flag=1 to be correctly transfered for »

Test json files & schema within Microsoft devops build pipeline

We use several pure json file git repositories in devops for storing & tracking configuration. Some of these files are directly used by underlying systems (not critical mission tools, but still painful when failing) by web services querying git json files through devops API Beside taking care of what we »