Unit test Azure Service Bus routing


Supporting & maintaining Azure Service Bus routing rules could be tricky to design without regressions and unexpected behaviors.

MockServiceBus with help of TSQL.Parser provides solution to unit test your subscriptions routing.


Install-Package MockServiceBus

Basic example

A brokered message with custom property flag=1 to be correctly transfered for subscription1 and ignored for subscription2.

NameSpace.AssertRouting(String topicname, Message message, Dictionary expectedResults)

will return green test result

  • changing the flag value without changing expected outcome
            var message = new Message
                CustomProperties = new Dictionary<string, object>
                    { "flag", "2" },
Assert.AreEqual failed. Expected:<Transfered>. Actual:<Ignored>. subscription1

  • not declaring expected output for a specific subscription
            servicebus.AssertRouting("topic", message, new Dictionary<string, MessageState> {
                { "subscription1", MessageState.Transfered }

Assert.Fail failed. unexpected subscribers subscription2

Casting numbers

MockServiceBus needs a litle help for number types with prefixing with {Int32} fieldname. space is important

Switching from flag='1' to flag=1

            var subscription1 = new Subscription { Name = "subscription1", Rules = new List<Rule> { new Rule { Filter = "{Int32} flag=1" } } };

            var message = new Message
                CustomProperties = new Dictionary<string, object>
                    { "flag", 1 },

Supported features

Full list not available now, but complex queries are supported

NOT EXISTS([forcedestination]) AND NOT EXISTS([subitem]) AND [fromsystem] != '{system}' AND [reference.crmguid] != 'null' AND {Int32} [contract.active] = 1 AND (NOT EXISTS([startdelta]) OR {Int32} [startdelta] >= 0) AND ([fromsystem] != 'sap'

Next ?

  • whole structure of topics and subscriptions (+ rules) can be loaded from json file
  • re-using same structure files & unit test for automatically updating subscriptions rules in Azure Service Bus

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