Deploy nodejs webjobs to Azure App Service with VSTS

During 2 years, we were gently deploying nodejs & dotnet webjobs with VSTS & a private agent/pipeline with ... FTP method (not ftps). Wasn't best practise, wasn't really secure, but worked for 2 years.

We had to move our private agent/pipeline to another datacenter and suddenly, network rules were more stricts: neither ftp nor ftps, only sftp. unfortunately, Azure doesn't support sftp.

ok you win

Let's re-define our build & release pipeline on all our webjobs.
That was easy for dotnet webjobs by including Microsoft.Web.WebJobs.Publish nuget and configuring webjob-publish-settings.json: official documentation is full & complete.

However, for nodejs webjobs, official documentation was empty, google returned nothing: like nobody has done this before. Finally found this non-answered (at the time) thread on Stackoverflow and decided to address it.

# Build

A working approach is creating a zip archive with webjob structure relative to D:\home\site\wwwroot during the build pipeline.

unfortunately, Archive task (2.*) isn't supporting output folder within the archive, we have to recreate the structure before: inline powershell will do the job.

  1. move webjob structure into valid production one with powershell
  2. npm install pointing to correct working folder, preventing moving all node_modules with previous task
  3. archive
  4. publish
Remove-Item -Path $(Build.BinariesDirectory)\app_data -Force -Confirm:$false -Recurse -ErrorAction:Ignore  
New-Item $(Build.BinariesDirectory)\app_data\jobs\continuous\ -ItemType Directory -Force  
Move-Item $(Build.SourcesDirectory)\webjobA\ $(Build.BinariesDirectory)\app_data\jobs\continuous\webjobA -Force  

inline powershell for a continuous job called webjobA

Remove-Item ensures no previous build leftovers. New-Item creates destination folder & Move-Item push webjobA onto correct location. I do suspect a more generic writing could be done.

# Release

Using an Azure App Service Deploy task with App type Web App and previously generated archive will then deploy it as regular webjob.

Fabien Camous

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