PCF : Any Composite Fields

Hello everyone, Today's PCF control will be about the Composite Fields ! As you may saw, with the Unified Interface layout, the composite fields more or less disappeared. By this, I mean that if you add a composite field such as FullName or Address on your form, this will be replaced »

PCF : Quick Edit Form

Hello everyone, Today, I'm really pleased to announce my latest PCF control. You know the Quick View Form which are used to display data from a related lookup, but unfortunately, you can't handle the rendering and it's only a read-only rendering. Those limitations are now OVER ! What is the Quick »

Unit test Azure Service Bus routing

MockServiceBus Supporting & maintaining Azure Service Bus routing rules could be tricky to design without regressions and unexpected behaviors. MockServiceBus with help of TSQL.Parser provides solution to unit test your subscriptions routing. Install-Package MockServiceBus Basic example A brokered message with custom property flag=1 to be correctly transfered for »

Canvas apps and Offline tips and tricks

Hello everyone, Let's talk about quite complex/surprising subjects around Canvas apps. The main one will be around offline management in canvas apps, for a client we have a requirement to manage offline capabilities on our latest PowerApps Canvas application. But I will talk about other things which are good »