Resize and host glideapps pictures into Google Drive

disclaimer : storing pictures on external hosting might not scale. Depending on your usage. 2021-nov-16 update : updated with data flushing preventing parallel execution creating duplicates. Glideapps is really a convenient tool which I use for numerous personal usages: it uses google »

Dataverse views as Criteria's definitions

Hello, During project, we often have the need to implement some complex criteria's handling for approval processes for example. Redevelop this when we are talking about simple conditions if fine. As soon as we want to be able to manage criteria's like : Field1 = Value1 && Field2 = Value2 || Field3 != Value3 »

Trigger Flow when user is added to access team

Hello everyone, Today's question is around the triggering a flow from an access team. Seems simple as it is but you need to dig a bit more to perform the full process. Scenario My business requirement was to send an email (without code) when user was added to an access »