Set a web proxy on sharepoint timer service

You might have a requirement to get or post data from any internet source with a custom timerjob such Azure Insights or Azure Service Bus. You might be tempted to do it the ugly way: open iexplore.exe with the service account which runs Sharepoint Timer Service but you might »

Monitor sharepoint end users response time with google analytics & powerbi

slow ? Does some of your users complain that sharepoint is slow ? possibly yes. The rootcause for slow platforms could be numerous platform itself (SQL, load, optimization, not well designed customizations) related platform activities (eg. incremental backups) network between servers network between web front ends and load balancer internet to client »

Mysite consolidated tasks partially working

Sharepoint 2013 and above brings the ability to consolidate in one place all tasks you're assigned to across the whole farm. That's particularly handy when your farm is quite big and users used to work on many "project places" (we have more than 40 000 spweb). As we can expect, »