Avoid un-stoppable webjobs using JobHost

We started usage of Azure continuous webjobs due to the flexibility in several scenarios of Azure Service Bus messages. The deployment was easy, either simple C# Console application or nodejs for our needs. We discover quite lately that the Scale Out functionality is great if the number of message to »

Nodejs Azure Application Insights black-out

Suddenly all our trackings of one nodejs webjob stopped. Unfortunately Application Insights isn't really verbose even if not working at all. As we lost much effort on investigating on this issue, let's share. Other webjob (C#) hosted on the same App Service send correctly telemetry. Not related to any network/ »

Override runsettings parameters in Visual Studio Team Service when value contains semi colons

Recently, when creating a Test Assemblies tasks performing integration tests, I wanted to be able to use VSTS variables in order to define context (connection string, etc) and not storing the parameters in source repository. better flexibility when updating parameters not storing password or sensible information in source code consistent »