Alter SQL trigger created by TableDependency package

We are using a wonderful package called TableDependency which greatly helps the creation & use of SQL trigger events in C#. This package is fulfilling 99% of our scenarios but one is to be able to replay an event generated by the trigger without altering the data. But TableDependency trigger »

Avoid un-stoppable webjobs using JobHost

We started usage of Azure continuous webjobs due to the flexibility in several scenarios of Azure Service Bus messages. The deployment was easy, either simple C# Console application or nodejs for our needs. We discover quite lately that the Scale Out functionality is great if the number of message to »

One liner CSV reader

I can't count how many times I had to read quickly (for small oneshot script purpose) a CSV file which was coming from powershell, database, Excel or anything else. I can't count how many times I've wrote the following ugly & clunky lines public class data { public Guid column1; public »